Above ground pool sales-12-15prequalified leads a week provided (Birmingham)

National recruiter

compensation: 2500-3500.00 a week commission avg. plus bonuses
employment type: full-time
job title: Seasonal Above ground pool sales-leads provided
Here is the scoop, my name is Gordy, I’m a national recruiter for this position. I have been in 100% commission sales for 35 years. Im not going to blow smoke at you. What’s the point of that. I am recruiting for closers with 100% commission sales experience (some exceptions made) an above ground pool company that has been in business for over 40 years. This is a 1099 subcontractor seasonal position lasting through August 15th. The pool company is looking for sales people to run 12-15 prequalified leads a week, 6 days a week (you get one day off during the week, Monday through Friday and this will be covered and set for you in training) from now until August 15th. We give you an average of 12-15 preset appointments per week from buyers who called the company wanting to purchase an above ground swimming pool from a major internet and television commercial ad campaign. No one is calling these folks, again they are calling the company. The company gets them pre-approved for financing before we schedule the appointment if needed. We make sure all decision makers will be there and allow you to call them before you drive out. Our average close rate is 40-50%. With this average close rate, you should easily be able to close 5-6 deals/week. With an average of $600-$800 Commission per sale, you should easily average $3500/week commission. Let’s call it 2500.00 a week on the low side plus for every appointment ran you will receive a 25.00 bonus, this helps cover your gas and other expenses
Ex.-12 appointments ran a week that is 300.00 bonus that week. Plus the 2500.00 commissions weekly on the low side plus appointments run bonus at 12 appointments a week that’s 2800.00 a week. BUT WAIT, lol, thats not all, the company wants you to stay through the season which ends August 15th, so they add a bonus of 100.00 per pool sold with financing and 150.00 per pool sold without financing that is paid to you at the end of the season in one lump sum. Also, we would love to see you back next year and the years to follow. Let’s say you start selling on May 1st (can be sooner, day after training you will have your first appointments) that’s 14 weeks of selling, 2500.00 a week on the low side in commissions plus your 25.00 bonus per appointment ran on average 12 a week that’s 300.00 plus say 5 pool sales a week, again low side that’s 70 pools in the season, say they all are financed, then that is an end of season bonus of 7000.00. So let’s add that up 2500.00 a week for 14 weeks is 35000.00 plus the 300.00 bonus per week that is 4200.00 plus 5 pools sold a week would be 7000.00 bonus at the end of the season for a total of 46200.00 for the 14 weeks of selling. That is approximately 13,000.00 a month. And I’m using lower averages than the data the pool company shows for the sales people.
Also, when/if you return next season you will receive half of your end of the season bonus as a loyalty thank you.

I told you I would not blow smoke at you so I want to be totally upfront and transparent. This is a 50/50 pay structure, which means you get paid 50% of your commission the next pay date excluding the 25.00 appointment bonus (5th or 20th, paper check sent 2 day ground) and the remaining 50% after installation which on average is 4 weeks but occasionally it takes 6 weeks. These pools are installed in 1 day. Paperwork is minimal that you will have to do with the customer and will be in your training kit and you upload the paperwork to the office on an app you will download at training, very simple process.

A 2.5 day training class is required. If you are over 50 miles away from training, we will pay for your hotel stay. You will have your own hotel room. No sharing rooms.

* Average sales close rate is 40-50%
* 2-3 credit approved leads per day provided
* 12-15 appointments per week and you can call the customers the day of the appointment to confirm
* Average commission per sale is $600 - $800
* All leads are within a 2 hour radius of your home and are sent to you via text, they schedule these leads to make sense for you so you are in reasonable proximity from one appointment to the next
*keep in mind these consumers called in or inquired online and were called by the company to set up their appointment, they weren’t called by the company. They are excited and can smell the chlorine, feel the hot sun on their back and are looking forward to spending summer days in their new pool with their loved ones.
Also, when running appointments casual attire is fine, golf like shorts and shirt with sneakers, you are selling summer fun after all. Clean, professional appearance of course.

-100% commission sales experience (some exceptions can be made)
-Valid Driver’s License
-valid and in effect Auto Insurance
-social security card (if you can’t find yours, go to https://www.ssa.gov/number-card/replace-card)and follow the instructions to get a replacement card

Is there any training involved?
Yes, there is a mandatory 2.5 day training class required. If over 50 miles away, we will pay for your hotel. As soon as you complete the training, we provide you with a sales kit

Is this a full time position?
Yes, this is a full time position. Absolutely no part time positions are available. You must be available to run appointments 6 days/week. You can take a set day off Monday through Friday but not a Saturday or Sunday,

Is this a 1099 position?
Yes, you get paid what you make

Are there any benefits?
No, this is an independent contractor position

How Often will I get paid?
Twice a month

Now it’s time to call me, I’m Gordy, my number is 614-596-9052. No texts, you must call. If you get my voicemail, please don’t leave a voice message, hang up and text me your name, best number and I will call you back shortly.
Thank you and I’m looking forward to answering your questions and talking to you.
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